Hiking in Table Rock Mountain,SC

Table Rock State Park

                  A perfect outdoor fun for families and friends.You can hike,come back and spend time at the lakes.If you like to stay for a couple of days cabins are available.I went with one of my friends, it was our first hike.The hike on Table Rock Trail gave us a good experience.The trail was red highlighted and it was one of the toughest hikes in SC.We started at 3 PM which was a mistake to start a toughest hike very late on a day.We had a plan to to return to the lake at 8 PM but we couldn’t.We were rescued by Forest rangers, thanks to SCRT





A day trip to Paris Mountain

              We made a trip to Paris mountain on a Sunday with few of my friends – Manoj & Jegan.It was just an hour drive from the place where i lived in Greenville. It was a time when the summer was about to start hence the entry fee during Spring was very nominal.Personally liked the main visitor center or office of the Paris Mountain with lot of information about Cherokee Indians etc.The place was awesome with trails on the mountain.When we went Pivot Cycles who are popular for Mountain Bikes had a stall with a bunch of cycles to try and buy. I like the wood & stone houses in the park and yes, that was one of the perfect Amphitheaters i have seen in my life.We had few hours of boating, little bit of hiking and explored around the places.




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