Hiking in Saluda,NC

A Short hike to Little Bradley Falls

                        A small town(Saluda,NC) close to Greenville,SC has its own charm to explore and living.I have heard from few of my friends that there are good places and things to explore in Saluda.Check out the Virtual tour of Saluda here.There are lot more interesting information about Saluda under here.It was on a Saturday morning, an hour drive from Greenville.Me and other friend parked our cars close to a mountain and started our quick hike.I was told that there are two falls in Saluda – Little and Big Bradley Falls.I happened to see only Little Bradley falls which was nice.We had about 30 min hike and we reached little Bradley falls finally.Some of the trails were dangerous, so please be careful when you hike.City of Saluda is a peaceful place to leisure after hike,during an evening especially during weekends.


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