​I joined one of the oldest, reputable companies in India at their Bangalore branch – Godrej & Boyce. Life was simple and nothing much to do apart from going to office and back home.I didn’t have a chance to travel much, except couple of places during that time. I had a chance to visit JSW – steel plant. I must say about Godrej wealth and presence in Mumbai here.I was called to Mumbai where company was headquartered. I stayed for a week for the company to provide orientation about their history, wealth and presence all over the world to new joiners. The company was founded in 1897 during the time of British presence in India. I still remember when they took me to show the properties of Godrej in Vikhroli and they said how far my eye could reach, even after that Godrej properties still extends – Yes, they told me this statement literally. I sat back and thought a while about an Indian who founded a company during British rule in India and contributing in a large way till today for India and for people of India. Godrej was known for Locks and i worked under the Technology department.We were taken to Lonavla, Pune close to that weekend to have fun time along with the team.

Mangrove Conservation by SP Godrej Marine Ecology Centre,Wikipedia
Mangrove Conservation by SP Godrej Marine Ecology Centre,Wikipedia

                         I switched from my scooter to a motorcycle – Bajaj – PulsarThere was a rumor in India that the gas tank on the bike would hit guy’s most sensible part of the body when he applies brake.Not sure if it was true, there was a news and it said a guy actually was dead in Bangalore due to this. I didn’t see any changes happened with the design of the bike till today and mine was awesome for all the 3 years i had and it never gave me a single problem.On the weekends i used to travel to nearby mountains, places close to Bangalore. Koyla was the favorite restaurent i used to hang out with my office folks.

Life Back in Bangalore

                  Still i remember the day i joined with Space Matrix. I was given a booklet about a large project in Pune on my first day with Space Matrix and i had no time to fill my personal details on and the next day i flew from Bangalore to Pune for that project.I was the only AV guy working in an architecture & interior design firm and the rest of the employees were architects and interior designers. I was flying frequently from Bangalore to Pune almost every week for meetings etc. I was flying with Kingfisher & Indigo airlines and the flight attendants started knowing me well since i was flying frequently. Our office was in downtown Bangalore and every day we tried different foods close to our Office. The IT team was very small in the company and we enjoyed working everyday. 


Year of the Tiger

                 Personally it was the year of confidence in me. I wanted to move forward with the mistakes learnt in life.I was in Mumbai with friends and we were hanging around in Bandra.Long weekend it was and we celebrated our new year till 4 am next day and we went back to our hotels.

It took couple of years for the markets to come back in Asia/India after 2008 Recession.There was a pretty interesting character whom i came to know in my life – Neil Langford. An Australian who is an AV consultant joined Space Matrix to lead AV designers/Consultants & Project managers.Neil & Ley live in a yacht and they are sailing for more than 10 years  – see svcrystalblues for more details.

Space Matrix sponsored us for a dinner in Coconut Grove in Bangalore.It was the first dinner out with Neil and IT team at Space Matrix.If you wanna taste authentic Tamil/Malayalam foods, Coconut grove is the place – pure South Indian foods.  

 Bangalore Night Out

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