Chennai, Tamil Nadu

              I joined PRO FX towards the middle of 2007 and i was asked to handle their Chennai branch in Tamil Nadu.PRO FX is one of the brands of BPL.I was excited to join since our family bought our first color television from BPL. It was a total different professional life. People at work were kind, caring, team oriented and we had a large store in Spencers Plaza. I was young and asked to manage a team and i still remember one of the staffs the way she reacted after she knew my age.She used to call me “Sir” till she knew my Date Of Birth and after she came to know, “Sir” turned to “Prasanna”.I didn’t expect big respects to be given at work and i always focused to complete the jobs on time. Most of my lunches were at Saravana Bhavan.I lived in Nungambakkam close to my work. I did not have my motorcyle since during that time if we transfer vehicles from one state to the other, there were many documentations to be done with the vehicle hence i sent my vehicle back to my place where my father was living. 


Thank you Chennai 

                  I had a different work experience in Chennai. I was travelling almost every month from Chennai to Bangalore for my monthly review meetings with our HO. I used to travel by Shatabdi Express ,try this option first if you ever want to travel between Bangalore and Chennai. Fast, comfortable ride, Air conditioned, Free Foods and Water bottles on board. I was little hot for me when i moved to Chennai and it is a very large City compared to Bangalore. Travelling was not easy.Towards middle of the year i moved back to Bangalore for a new job with Space Matrix. 

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