I moved to Karwar,KA which was about 10 to 20kms from Goa border.i was working as a project engineer for one of the largest AV projects in India at – Seabird – an Indian Navy base. I made few friends with Commanders, Lieutenants who worked for Indian Navy. I felt proud the research what they do with RF technologies. This base does ship lifting to service Navy ships which you can read about this project in Wikipedia.I used to buy few duty free goods especially imported alcohols through my friends.The view from the base was awesome.My Navy friends were given houses to live for their family, friends up on the mountains with view of the sea below, yes – sea below.        

Picture by Wikipedia
Picture by Wikipedia

My skin turned Red since i was in the water every weekend most of the time with beers and fish. Karwar beaches have awesome fishes to eat especially the Bangda Fish – i love to death. I tasted Pork in my life for the very first time when i was in Karwar. Konkani was the local language spoken in Karwar. I had a scooter where i used to travel within Karwar and to enter Goa border during weekends.I lived in Karwar for more than a year and everytime i visit my dad & friends they used to comment that i look different. Huts were awesome to stay in Karwar and in Goa. If you like to try before you visit, see some tips & advise here

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