“Here, Fridays were dedicated to the two Bs–Beach and Boats.” ― Laura Miller, Butterfly Weeds

Second largest city in the US state of SC. Ideal place to visit if you are closeby for a weekend.It will take less than 5 hours if you drive either from Atlanta,GA or Charlotte,NC.Hence it was not that hard for me to travel from Greenville,SC to Charleston via Columbia,SC.

Ideal time to visit would be during summer since of the beaches.Charleston has America’s first Museum in its downtown. The museum connects to the Heyward-Washington House and the Joseph Manigault House – worth seeing it. Having seen Museum in the morning, do not forget to visit the streets of Charleston for Shopping places. There are culinary magic happening as well. The King street has some of the best places for clothing and foods.

You will need to fit in your schedule to experience Patriots point. It takes quite a bit for walk through but it has a huge amount of histories and background values which is a must to see.Helicopter ride was fun and it was not very expensive as well.As an Engineer i was thrilled to see few techniques and processes what they did earlier in ships and what they are doing right now. The place has an Audio tour as well. You can camp at USS Yorktown.The Helicopter ride will take you to Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and to see the aerial view of Charleston.See some of the pictures i took below from the helicopter.

As the title say Beaches and Boats,the place has some of the best beaches and i ended up in Folly beach.As a volleyball player when am at the beach either i start a game and people join in or i will end up finding one. It is fun to play sand volleyball.Finally go to Charleston maritime center and do not forget to take a tour and you will have a chance to see Fort Sumter Island and few other islands as well.

Should i say i still got time for that weekend? Feel free to check out my pictures below.

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